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Cryptids Logo (2).png

Noah Synder, Jay Levy, Yuichi Ikeda, Andrew Griffin

   Hailing from Los Angeles, The Cryptids were founded in 2018 by long time friends and collaborators Justin "Jay" Levy and Noah Snyder. Through mutual connections, Jay befriended Yuichi Ikeda, the pulse of The Crytpids grungy and rock driven sound. After touring the LA circuit for a couple years and a brief hiatus thanks to a pandemic, the band found their missing piece and rhythm guitarist, Andrew Griffin.


   Each member of the band draws on influences through the decades and across the genres, which is what leads to their unique music. Noah and Jay loving punk, Yuichi drawing from everything, and Andrew being the classic rocker, you get a blend of a little of this and that. A few of their hits "Devil in the Deep Blue Sea", "A Night to Forget", and "Nasty Verticals" are a testament to their eclectic sound.

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